King's School The Crown is the only school in the region to offer an integrated early years provision, providing education for students from ages 0 – 18 years old, all in one campus.

The Inspired Early Years approach offered at King’s School The Crown has been developed using the latest research and years of best practice across over 80 schools and is unique to us.  Our early learning approach has the child at the centre in a rich, caring, and relational learning environment. Creativity with rigorous literacy and mathematics preparation forms the foundations for the best future for your child.

Our Three Pillar Approach

Inspired Education Group sets a new standard in private education by offering a broad curriculum based on three pillars - integrating innovative, challenging and enriching Academic programmes complemented equally by Performing Arts and Sport. This rich and diverse curriculum enables each student to discover their passions and develop their skills, instilling a love of learning and building their confidence. Students are encouraged and supported to excel across all areas arming them with the ability to embrace and face the challenges that life will throw at them. 

Three Pillars - Academics


The key pillar of academics is the core of the educational approach. Students are taught critical thinking learning from first hand experience and  practice, not just through text books. 

Three Pillars - Sports


Sport is integral to the Inspired philosophy supporting students emotional and physical health to increase confidence, mental alertness and self-esteem. 

Three Pillars - Performing Arts

Performing Arts

An appreciation of the arts as fundamental to the human experience. An Inspired education values the arts as an essential learning tool that helps develop well rounded, articulate and expressive individuals. 

King's College School Group has been delivering a premium British Education for over 50 years. 

Pastoral Care

A British Education is highly valued around the globe for its quality and rigorous academic standards encompassing a holistic approach to develop well-rounded individuals.

A British education creates open-minded, dynamic individuals. Your child will learn from first-hand experience, not just text books.

They will be encouraged to be creative in their thinking and are expected to interact, engage and focus on developing the skills they

Learn Through Play

Learn Through Play

Young children learn through exploration. Everything they do, from kicking a ball, building with blocks and painting, to singing in a group, is done in English and it is designed to help them understand their environment. Sometimes it gets messy, but it’s always rewarding and develops them socially, mentally and physically.

Exploration & Evaluation

Exploration and Evaluation

A more structured approach to the day helps children to start learning how to read, write and count in English. We still encourage children to explore and play, but they are able to describe their discoveries in words and numbers.

Communicate and Articulate

Communicate and Articulate

Children are naturally curious. In Primary school we encourage them to learn about things that interest them while strengthening their numeracy and literacy skills. We teach children how to apply these basic skills to other subject areas including Science, Art and History.

Deeper Learning

Interrogate and Debate

As children get older we teach them to analyse, to investigate, to test and think about things rationally. Classes are more focused on formal “subject-based” learning. Nine or ten IGCSE exams are taken at the
end of this stage in different subjects.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Think and Act

The final two years at school mark the entry into adulthood. Students will have finished their IGCSEs and will chose their A levels, which will enable entry into some of the top universities across the globe.

Students will work hard to prepare for university and their future careers.

Specialist University Coaching

University and Beyond

Students from King’s College school group attend some of the world’s best higher education institutions. At King’s School The Crown, we will ensure our students follow in their footsteps, both in terms of academic success and in their character.