Our Vision is to be at the forefront of international education.

Since 1969, the schools that form part of King’s College Group have consistently delivered unrivalled excellent academic results, a history of excellence that will continue with King's School The Crown. This rich legacy is underpinned by the Inspired global education group, whose international network of over 111 schools deliver world class learning experiences setting the highest standards in premium international education.

indoor equipped classrooms

King's School The Crown follows Inspired's Three Pillar approach to learning with Academics at the centre supported equally by the Performing Arts and Sports Pillars. This engaging and broad curriculum ensures that students develop into confident, thoughtful and knowledgeable individuals.

Teachers are hand-picked for their skills and ability to adapt the curriculum to deliver dynamic lessons. Our teachers place the children at the heart of all decisions and academic delivery nurturing students to grow and develop themselves. 

Our alumni are known for their academic results which result from 50+ year of heritage and best practices that have proven to be highly successful. Students go on to attend some of the world's top universities including the UK and the US.

Parents send their children to our schools as they want them to grow into well rounded individuals who are able to adapt in a modern and changing world. They want their children to excel academically and experience a broader perspective, to be intellectually stimulated, to be exposed to new ideas and to have their curiosity and creativity nurtured.