Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the overall educational growth and development of our students. 


Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

At King's School The Crown we encourage students to opt in to the different programmes on offer to help them 
- Develop and enhance friendships 
- Learn new skills
- Strengthen their physical and mental well being
- Improve time management
- Enhance University applications

Extra-Curricular Programmes

Whether your child is interested in sports, performing arts, creative arts, learning a new language or academic activities, King's School The Crown will offer a programme that matches their interests.


Performing Arts

At King's School The Crown, performing arts will form an integral part of the education programme. All children will be encouraged to participate to help develop confidence, creative thinking, public speaking and social skills. 

From the challenges of learning a musical instrument, the courage and confidence needed to perform in Drama and Dance, the intellectual and linguistic expertise used to write poetry and the creative process of painting; all of these activities have an important role to play in a child’s education. 

Major annual drama and musical productions will be staged each year, ensuring that students have ongoing opportunities to exercise their talents in theatre, song and dance. 



Sport will be an integral feature of life at King's School The Crown where students will be encouraged to develop their physical, mental and social wellbeing. The Sports programme will be specially designed to encourage teamwork, healthy competition and good sportsmanship. The primary aim is for students to enjoy and participate in a number of sports options including football, basketball, swimming, track and a wide variety of other activities.   

Our dedicated Physical Education teachers will nurture sporting talent to enable students to reach their full potential encouraging them to participate in team activities and competitions.

Global exchanges

The Inspired Global Exchange Programme offers exceptional experiences from 4 weeks up to 1 year for students ages 10-17.

With exchanges available at schools across three continents, an Inspired education is a truly global experience. 

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