Excellence in Expat Education Recognizes King's School The Crown as the Expat-Parents School of Choice Award Winner

Cairo, 15 June 2023 - Excellence in Expat Education, a renowned organization which specializes in assessing and recognizing outstanding international schools around the world, has awarded King's School the Crown, the prestigious Expat-Parents School of Choice Award. This accolade underscores the school's commitment to providing exceptional education and support to families in Egypt and beyond.

In April 2023, a comprehensive FAME Assessment (Facilities, Academics, Management, and Parents Support) was conducted at King’s School The Crown, to evaluate the key factors considered by parents when selecting an international school. These areas also reflect the overall quality, sustainability, and the safety and welfare of students at the school. The FAME report revealed that the school which will open in September 2023, in Palm Hill’s The Crown compound in Cairo West, has a highly experienced leadership team with international expertise in both face-to-face and digital learning. One of the school’s priorities is to enhance students' learning experiences and outcomes. Its learning environment fosters a safe, positive, and stimulating atmosphere for its students.

The assessment highlights that school stands out as the first top British-curriculum school in Cairo which will gradually accommodate children from infancy (3 months) to Pre-University Years (18 years). Qualified specialist subject teachers are available for all subjects from Year 5 onwards, ensuring students receive appropriate challenges and support based on their proficiency levels.

The assessment went on to highlight the school’s access to global best teaching and learning practices as a part of the Inspired Education Group. Global collaboration is a cornerstone of the group’s 85 premium schools, across six continents. Inspired Education Group benefits students through various activities such as competitions, teacher development, and child protection and safeguarding training. The school also guarantees students a place in any of the Inspired Group's boarding schools, and access to global exchange and summer camps in any Inspired School across the globe.

Through in-depth interviews with the school’s leadership and a thorough examination of the school's policies, procedures, and facilities, Excellence in Expat Education found that the school places a strong emphasis on sports and distinguishes itself in Cairo with exceptional facilities. King's School the Crown stands out as the only school in the area to feature a FIFA certified football field, full-size courts endorsed by ATP, an impressive 500-seat theatre, a 25-meter swimming pool, and a comprehensive indoor sports hall. Main highlights of King's School the Crown include its dedicated purpose-built premises for Early Years education which are unique and a first for the Middle East and Africa, aligning with Inspired Education Group/s highly successful approach to Early Years learning. Its prime location, catering to families of diplomats, expats, and local residents in Zamalek, 6th October, Dokki, and Sheikh Zayed, is yet another great advantage to families based in the area.

The assessment also covered one remarkable aspect of King's School the Crown, which is its pioneering Gifted and More Able program, designed to support and empower gifted students in Cairo, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Mrs. Senida Kiehl, Founder of the EEE Awards, stated “King’s School the Crown is the epitome of excellence for parents in West Cairo, offering unrivalled prestige in academics. With state-of-art facilities, this institution provides an enriched learning environment for students. Choosing this school means parents will be spoilt with top-notch education and a commitment to their child’s holistic development.”

Mr. Joel Worral, Executive Head of King’s School The Crown, expressed his gratitude for receiving the award. He stated “We are honoured to be recognized with this prestigious award, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff. We are dedicated to creating an exceptional learning environment which nurtures the academic, personal, and social development of each student. This recognition further motivates us to deliver excellence in education and to be the school of choice for parents in Egypt and beyond.”

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