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King's School The Crown is part of Inspired Education Holdings Limited, which is part of Inspired Education Holdings Limited. Inspired is a company registered in England with number 09268120 and registered address at Sixth Floor, 3 Burlington Gardens, London, W1S 3EP, United Kingdom. Inspired operates numerous affiliated schools globally via its regional offices in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. 


This policy is drafted in accordance with the Law No. 151 of 2020 promulgating the Personal Data Protection Law and it is aimed to provide you information about the processing of your personal data. 


The types of personal data requested through our Enquiry Form are identifying, family and contact details of the Users as well as educational information about potential students and preferences. 

We also process data from the job applicants and third-party providers that may address to us. 

We also automatically collect data about your visit to our website, as is described in the cookies policy. 

We do not collect sensitive data such as: race or ethnic origin, political opinions or religious or philosophical beliefs, participation in unions, health, sexual activity or sexual orientation, biometric or genetic data. 

The data provided by the website’s User must be true, accurate, complete and up to date so that we can attend the queries properly. 

If the User provides personal data about a third party, the User must inform the third party of the aspects contained in this Privacy Policy and obtain the corresponding consent from that third party to provide the data to the data controller. 


We collect your personal data with the following purposes: 

  • Attending your queries or any type of request made through the contact form that is available on our website. 

  • Considering your job application. 

  • Sending commercial communications by e-mail, if the User has previously authorised such communications and until consent withdrawal. These communications will be strictly related to our educational products and services, or our collaborators or suppliers, with whom we can reach a promotion agreement. In this case, third parties will never have access to your personal data. 

  • Carry out market research and statistical analysis. 

The data processing is fairly legitimised by the consent of the user by sending the enquiry and by our legitimate interest to attend the User’s request, to send authorised commercial communications and to carry out market studies or statistical analysis according to Law No. 151. We will also process job applications under candidates’ consent and our legitimate interest. 


The legal basis that supports the collection and processing of your data are the following:  

1. Execution of a contractual relationship of which the data subject is a party: The admission and registration of students, the provision of educational, academic, nursing, safeguarding and other related services, as well as the sending of communications relating to teaching activities and the administrative and billing management necessary for the provision of the aforementioned services; 

2. Compliance with our legal obligations: We must manage and maintain the data of students' parents, employees and suppliers to comply with the legal requirements of the relevant authorities, including the management of legal claims; 

3. Our legitimate interest: We may need to process statistical information from our School to carry out satisfaction surveys, and / or to modify the functioning of our school in addition to promote our activities by sending commercial communications (always under your consent); 

4. Your consent: We may need the consent of the parents/legal guardians or the student over legal age to send commercial communications, as well as for the creation and use of images and videos to disclose the student's participation in our activities. school or for promotional campaigns. 


Our School receives candidates’ CVs and / or application forms and / or other additional employment information via the HR’s email address or through TES, they will be processed by the Data Controller in a file owned by the Human Resources department. 

The lawful basis for the processing is the job applicant’s consent and our legitimate interest. This information will be kept and processed for the purpose to include the interested party in a current selection process or to consider the application for future positions. The candidate’s information will be kept during the recruitment process and also after the end of it in order to inform the candidate about similar vacancies in the future, based on the consent received via personal e-mail. The candidate can exercise the right to withdraw consent at any time in addition to ask for the erasure and to object by sending a written request to our group Data Protection Officer in the terms exposed below. 

The personal data object of processing may only be communicated to third parties when necessary for a safe recruitment procedure and to other Inspired Education Group schools with the prior written consent of the data subject, so that the personal data will be processed with the same legitimate purposes mentioned herein. 


The personal data shall only be disclosed to third parties in a manner compatible with the aim of the data processing, or when such disclosure is duly authorised by the data subject or according to legal requirements or when it is needed to comply with the educational and /or employment purposes of our School. 


Personal data shall be kept only for one or more specified purposes and for no longer than it is necessary, unless for historical, statistical or research purposes. Once the data are no longer required or not permitted to be retained, they will be destructed with the adequate security measures. 


According to article 2 of Law No. 151, you have rights on the processing of your personal data. These rights are: 

  1. To know, review and access/ obtain his/her own Personal Data, which is in possession of any Holder, Controller or Processor; 

  1. To withdraw the prior consent concerning the retention or Processing of his/her Personal Data; 

  1. To correct, edit, delete, add or update his/her Personal Data; 

  1. To limit the Processing to a specified purpose; 

  1. To be notified with any infringement to his/her Personal Data; and 

  1. To object to the Processing of Personal Data or its results whenever the same contradicts the Data Subject’s fundamental rights and freedom. 

With exception to the right indicated in point 5 of the above paragraph, the data subject shall pay the consideration for the service provided with respect to the exercise of said rights. The School shall issue decisions to determine such consideration which shall not exceed EGP 20,000 (twenty thousand Egyptian pounds) as disposed by the Law. 

Data subjects will be able to exercise their rights by sending a written specific request along with a copy of their ID card, to our Data Protection Officer at  


You will have the right to easily withdraw your consent for any specific purpose granted at any given time without prejudice of the legality of processing according to the consent given before withdrawal. 


The School will not collect and / or process information from individuals under 18 on no account. Consent from parents or legal representatives will be always required. 


Transfer of Personal Data which is collected or prepared for processing, from inside the Arab Republic of Egypt to a foreign country, or its storage or sharing may only be undertaken if the level of data protection or security in the foreign country meets (or exceeds) the requirements stipulated under the Law No. 151, and subject to obtaining a relevant license or permit from the data controller. 


Appropriate security measures shall be taken to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity and privacy of your personal data, preventing from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data and against their accidental loss, destruction or damage of the files. 


This website holds links to other websites such as platforms or social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Linkdn and TES for employment purposes. The School is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites. You should be aware that the processing of your personal information is carried out by those sites and governed by their respective privacy policies. 

If you do not want these sites to collect and process your information, please review their corresponding privacy policies and / or disconnect from it before using our Services. 


We use cookies to provide you with a better experience in the use of our website, as well as to store information about our visitors. This information is related to your session ID and are a way of monitoring single user access. Our cookies do not store personal information. The only data stored are technical information like personal preferences or content customisation. 

The Cookies that we use in our website and that require informed consent by the user are the functional cookies and the targeting cookies. Consent is not required for essential cookies, which are those of a technical nature necessary for the operation of the website or the provision of services expressly requested by the user. 

You can find more information about our Cookies policy at: 


If you are not satisfied with our response, you would like to discuss anything regarding this privacy notice, or you believe we are processing your personal data disregarding the data protection regulations in force, please contact our Data Protection Officer at You can also file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Centre acting under the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, by sending a privacy complaint form at although it is recommended that previous steps should be taken to resolve the matter with the data controller before involving the Minister. 


The School may need to update this privacy notice periodically so we recommend that you review this information from time to time. 

This version was last updated in December 2023