At King’s College Schools, we actively encourage communication between school and parents in order to build a strong school community. We encourage all our parents to actively participate in the education of their children and see this partnership as essential to the overall development of our students. 

Always In Touch


At King's School The Crown, we will ensure that there is a regular communication with parents to ensure that everyone is fully informed of all school activities. A variety of channels are used including emails, newsletters, social media and events to enhance engagements and interactions.

Families are also provided with regular written reports on individual student progress and are invited to join parent-teacher consultation evenings.The Headteacher and teaching staff are also available at all times to discuss any pressing matters.


Regular events are held throughout the year to build a cohesive community where students and families have the opportunity to get to know each other in a more relaxed, fun and informal setting. These events range from drama and music productions to school sports day and school fairs. 


More Information

Reception: Miss Nesrine - 0101221111670

PS/MS Reception: Miss Eman - 01027297555

Admissions: Miss Rim - 01022777269

Student Affairs (Ministry): Miss Heidy - 01067298222

Transport: Eng. Moustafa - 01023868686

Stage Performance
Activities and events - Guitar
Drawing Art
Sport football
Music Violin